Nude round shape sunglasses

The round shape as well as the colour nude sunglasses is a HUGE trend for next season. I’m craving a pair since last summer but I decided to wait and see if the trend would last one more year. And yes it lasted and now I will definitely invest in some new round nude sunglasses. Sometimes it’s difficult to define the colour, we can say nude, cream, beige, it depends on the colour graduation that’s why I picked several models with different shades.

My favorite are the Illesteva ones, a new brand that has been seen in a lot of fashion bloggers. Anyway there are few more choices and even cheaper ones that I will consider once I’m a little afraid I won’t use this kind of color so often as black or brown.

The round shape as you know has become a trend and it’s seen everywhere! I might not buy a completely round shape sunglasses but half round shape is exactly what I want.



  1. Adoro todos :D

  2. Tb eu, adoro os Illesteva mas não sei se já ha em PT. Tenho de averiguar :)