June 28, 2013

NikeiD Liberty of London collection – I want it so bad!!

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Do you know about the collaboration between Nike and the British brand Liberty of London? I have to admit I didn’t know about this brand but Liberty of London is a very well establish fashion house famous for its floral patterns since 1875!

I found this brand because of this great collaboration that result into these awesome Nike shoes that I’m crazy for.

The collection is so cool it’s hard to pick a model, all the prints are beautiful and we can choose between the Nike Air Max 1, Dunk Hi and Lo, Blazer Mid and Lo, and the cult favorite Roshe Run.
The shoes can be customized in different colors.

June 27, 2013

Get ready for Miu Miu new shopping bag

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One more handbag to ruin my credit. As much as I try to keep myself away from these temptations, they come to me like a magnet!

Miu Miu unveiled the new shopping bag that will be in stores in July. What means in one week from now, more or less, we will have it right in front of our eyes!

The bag arrives in two different sizes and in various colors, what will make us even crazier trying to decide which one we like the most. Are you ready girls?



June 26, 2013

Flip-flop crush – Havaianas and Ipanema!

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I´m a flip-flop freak! There is no summer without some new pair of flip-flops! If I could afford it I would literally have all models and colors I could and I would wear it all the time. Unfortunately is not the kind of shoes we can use in a daily basis unless we are on holidays. On weekends though, I do wear it as much as I can.

Havaianas were the only brand of flip-flop I would buy, till I found Ipanema. I knew about this brand but I never cared about looking properly at the models.
The truth is that I was surprised when I decided to take a look. Ipanema has very cute models, lot of colors and designs, and the prices are similar and sometimes cheaper than Havaianas.

Sure Havaianas will always be the light of my eyes but it’s nice to be able to found new brands and have more options.

Take a look at some of my favorite models of both brands.

June 25, 2013

GAS bijoux

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I recently found this amazing jewelry brand that I’m sure you will love as much as I do.
Gas Bijoux is a French company, from the south of France, created by the designer Andre Gas.

The pieces are adorable, my favorites are the bracelets because I’m a bracelet freak but the earrings and the necklaces are also gorgeous.


I made a selection of some of my favorite items but take a look at the website and check everything; it’s worth it I promise!















June 24, 2013

Julianne Hough: what a new haircut can do your style!

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If you girls like to follow the celebrities style you´ve might already seen Julianne´s Hough new haircut. The actress cut her long blond hair and changed to a short bob.

At the time when I saw the new look I just thought "this pretty face will always look good no matter what”, but lately I’ve noticed that Julianne’s style changed since she got this new haircut.

Julianne has a doll face but she was never a fashion muse, coincidence or not since she adopted this new hair she is so more stylish and modern.

Take a look at some pictures before and after and let me know if you agree. Isn’t she so much trendier right now?





Long hair, short hair, she is beautiful anyway but as you can see in these pictures she looks to baby doll, too perfect.




The change is so noticeable; she looks more casual, more fun, fashonable, etc etc...

June 21, 2013

Summer tip: Accessorize your hair with “Bandanas”

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You don’t need to be Axel Rose, Lady Gaga or J.Lo to use a bandana.  Don’t need to be a rapper, a gang member or belong to any religious cult, you just need to be a fashionable girl that likes to have fun by accessorizing you hair!

In Summer we have the privilege of being able to be playful with the looks, in the winter everything is gray even our mood, so now that the summer is just a few days away I’m trying to bring other accessories into my life.

Check some of my favorite styles.




These are definitely my favorite ways of using a bandana. I like it simple and you can see.



These are the looks I don’t like so much. I don’t like at all when the knot in the edges gets in the top of the head.