January 31, 2018

Fall in Love with Zara Baskets and Raffia Bags

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Zara has probably already launched one of the cutest bags collection for the new collection.
January 29, 2018

Who’s your celebrity crush?

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Let’s change the subject a little bit? Sometimes it’s cool to write about something different and silly.
January 26, 2018

50 Shades of Orange

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Girls, orange will still be a huge trend this year. The pieces of the new collections are proving this fact.
January 24, 2018


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It's the ring everybody is talking about, and it’s not another sequel of the movie with the same name, neither is Meghan Markel’s engagement ring but Gwyneth Paltrow's new engagement ring!
January 22, 2018

JEWELLERY: 30 Statement Pieces to Buy on Sales!

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Earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings… I know you all love it right?
January 17, 2018

SALES ALERT: 40 H&M Pieces You Can Still Buy Online

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Do you hate going to stores and having to jump into piles of clothes and between crowds of women just to get some cheap items on sales? You arrived at the right place!
January 10, 2018

Color Obsession: Camel + Electric Blue

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It’s not a new trend or a new fabulous color block recently discovered, its juts a lately obsession of mine.

Camel and blue…ok what´s new about it? Nothing! It’s just that I’ve been feeling cool using these two colors together, and even more when it’s an electric blue.

We know that camel is a color that goes good with any other color, but I think the last year I didn’t use camel as much. I got a lot more black, grey and white clothes.

Anyway recently I found myself looking for camel pants and when I looked into my closet to choose an outfit I picked a really vivid H&M sweater I recently bought and I thought “wow these two look really great together”.

I feel this mix can be super chic and is perfect for work outfits like blazers, coats, nice pants, etc. We can also use a camel look with a blue accessory that will stand out for example, or the other was around, there are plenty of ideas. I’m really into this mix right now!
Do you like it? Check some inspirational pictures and 5 looks with items you can find online.

Não se trata de uma nova tendência, ou mix de cores novas, mas apenas de uma recente obsessão minha em misturar estes dois tons. Camel e azul… nada de novo certo? Pois, mas de facto tenho andando a combinar peças destas cores e sinto-me super cool!
O Camel é daqueles tons que fica bem com qualquer cor, mas o ano passado apostei muito mais em pretos, cinzas a brancos. Recentemente andei à procura de umas calças camel e quando fui ao armário tentar combinar um look peguei numa camisola azul forte que tenho da H&M e achei que ficava o máximo!
É daquelas cores que juntas dão um ar chique, sofisticado até, e são óptimas para looks profissionais como blazers, calças, casacos, etc. Até mesmo um conjunto com um acessório destes tons a condizer vai fazer logo a diferença.
E vocês gostam de ver estas duas cores juntas? Vejam algumas das fotos que encontrei para inspiração, e dos 5 looks que criei com peças todas elas disponíveis online.

Buy online and make the look!


January 08, 2018

25 Cool Tennis Shoes to Buy on Sales!

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A new pair of tennis, shoes, or a new bag is never too much in our closet, right?
January 04, 2018

December Shopping List

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Hey there! So, it’s time for my monthly list. Yes I did buy a lot last December but in my own defense many of these things were also Christmas presents.
January 02, 2018

CINCO Jewelry – Love at First Sight

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For those like me, who love jewelry, it’s not a difficult task to identify a good brand when it makes you fall in love at first sight. CINCO is definitely one of those brands.