December 30, 2014

New Year’s Eve Looks

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2 different looks for 4 different themes

If you are in the edge of a breakdown because you don’t have your New Year’s Eve look yet, check my looks and you might get some ideas!
December 29, 2014

And one more Christmas has gone!

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Sharing some of my gifts with you all!

Hey Girls, I hope you all had a safe and wonderful Christmas! Came to share with you some of the gifts I received.
December 23, 2014

Christmas is coming #4

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Last minute shopping ideas

Check my favorites gifts when I’m out of ideas or when I realize I still have friends lets in my list.
December 22, 2014

My Christmas Tag

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Check my first tag post! Yay!

Hello there, here is my first tag post. Check my answers and get to know me a little bit more!
December 19, 2014

Light Blue Coat

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I need one too!!

Doing a list with this year´s top garments, the light blue coat would absolutely make part of it.
December 18, 2014

Dress as a celeb #1

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Gigi, Taylor and Heidi

Celebrities have fame, money, and all the clothes and accessories they want, but most of the times they dressed as simple and easy as any of us.

December 17, 2014

L’Oreal Infallible Gel

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Gel nails manicure at home!

If there is a beauty ritual I don’t give up is taking care of my nails. I love pretty hands with beautiful colored nails!
December 16, 2014

Just in: from me to me

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Holiday shopping for myself

I finished my Christmas presents this last weekend, YAY! But while going through my list I bought a couple of things for me too, because I deserve it!
December 15, 2014


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Good prices and beautiful pieces. Can we ask for more?!

I just recently discovered Anartxy which I immediately fell in love with. Why?
December 12, 2014

Christmas is comming #4

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Michael kors watches

I admit it! If I had a lot of money I would certainly have one of each color because it’s my favorite watch designer.
December 11, 2014

PETA and Black Score t-shirts

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Funny t-shirts with a serious message!

PETA has teamed up with the London-based label Black Score to create a collection of T-shirts and sweaters in order to send their message.
December 10, 2014

Leopard Boots

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The piece that was missing

I have leopard shoes, leopard jacket, leopard tennis, leopard sweaters…
December 09, 2014

Underlined lids

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Forget upper lids, the trend is going south!

As some of you already know I don’t post about beauty so often, my real thing is fashion, and even though sometimes I like to improve my makeup skills, I really don’t have  much time to make it a big deal.
December 05, 2014

Just in: Outwear and a couple more things

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A trench, a biker, kimonos…

Let me share with you the latest garments I got!
December 04, 2014

In Love With… Ray Ban Wayfarer Fleck

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Golden flecks of color!

Do you know when you go by store and you have to stop because something cached your attention?
December 03, 2014

Christmas is coming #3

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Any of these CK Jewels!

One more Calvin Klein jewelry piece is never too much!
December 02, 2014

“The Cape”

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You don’t need a sword, just your style!

This year is all about ponchos and capes. I’ve already posted about the first ones so now it’s time for the capes.
December 01, 2014

Girls I Really Like: Kate Davidson Hudson

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The Queen of Organization

At first sight we might think that this girl is another platinum blonde, super neat and chic who loves to be in every street style pictures, but believe Kate Davidson Hudson is much more than that.
November 28, 2014


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Panthere from Cartier

As feline lover I could say "what wouldn’t I do to have one of these pieces," but in fact I can do much unless I get the lottery.
November 27, 2014

All about RED

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Coats, sweaters, shoes, bags and more

It’s a color I’ve always loved, maybe because red looks particularly good in blondes, which I am, but it also looks good in brunettes.
November 26, 2014

Christmas is coming #2

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      Black Bag

One of the items I definitely have in this year’s Christmas list is a new black bag.
November 25, 2014


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Yes or no?

When I was a kid I used to always wear gloves in the winter, I remember a green fluorescent pair, horrific, that my grandmother gave me and which I loved it! lol
November 24, 2014

Christmas is coming #1

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Swarovski Rings

Once December is right in the corner Santa Claus needs to start getting our letters, have you started already?
November 21, 2014

Black Nails

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The Black is Back!

In the winter, and as I believe just like the most of you, I like to keep my nails in a dark warm color.
November 20, 2014

Dear Tee

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T-shirts and sweaters full of style

Who follows my blog knows how much I love tees and how often I post about it.
November 19, 2014

Gold Maxi Skirt

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Lights, Camera, Action!!

Surfing the internet I found myself hypnotized by a gold maxi skirt.
November 18, 2014

Louis Vuitton – Celebrating the Monogram

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Six iconoclasts… one icon!

Christian Louboutin, Cindy Sherman, Frank Gehry, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Newson and Rei Kawakubo together for one cause, the LV Monogram celebration.
November 17, 2014

Just In: Accessories + Boots

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Little sweets to myself!

I love to shop but I get even more excited when I get things in those days I have no intention to go shopping but end up bringing some little sweets with me.
November 14, 2014


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From a Zara outlet to a brand new world!

When Lefties arrived in Portugal, a couple years ago, I didn’t like it so much. There were only one or two stores and I had the idea everything was old and smelling like a granny’s closet.
November 13, 2014

Myla Dalbesio – The CK plus size model

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Is she or isn’t she a big size?

The controversy is out since Calvin Klein chose a "supposed" plus-size model for the new underwear campaign.
November 12, 2014


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Go over the knee!

You might still love your ankle boots that were so trendy last year but get ready to go higher much higher!
November 11, 2014

Bimba y Lola Snake Print

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Colorful and cute snakes all over your closet!

For those who are familiar with Bimba y Lola it´s not new that the brand always takes a step forward in unique prints.
November 07, 2014

Chic make-up cases

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How much would you go to protect your beauty products?

Which one of us doesn’t have one, two or even more make-up cases?
November 06, 2014

Girls I Really Like: Maria Duenas Jacobs

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The perfect girl next door!

Can you imagine spending all day receiving the latest accessory trends?
November 05, 2014

Long knit dresses

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Knits from head-to-toe

If I had a couple more inches this would definitely be a must for this season…
November 04, 2014

Lola and Grace

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Hi, nice to meet you!

This is the way this new jewelry brand was introduced to me when I checked my email the other day.
November 03, 2014

Just in: New bottoms

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Skirts and pants for the season

Check my wardrobe new bottoms pieces.
October 31, 2014

Bleached Blonde Hair

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Ice Ice Baby

For those who know me well enough this might be really odd but if I had the courage to do it I would love to try this hair color.
October 30, 2014

In Love With… Louis Vuitton Trivelling Ring

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Hey Santa are you there?

We are almost in November, and Christmas is right there, so if Santa reads my blog I just want to tell him…
October 28, 2014

Full midi leather skirts

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Fun and flirty!

If last year this time I was crazy to find a good leather pencil skirt, this year I’m looking forward to get a full midi leather one.
October 27, 2014

Oscar de la Renta

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My favorite gowns

We have heard a lot about Oscar de la Renta recently, unfortunatly not for the best reason. As a fan of many of his creations I also want to make my tribute to the talented designer.
October 24, 2014

Monochromatic outfits

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My style for the monochromatic trend

I don’t know if the same happens with you but when I try the one color trend on me, I end up looking at the mirror and thinking how bad it looks.
October 23, 2014

Skirts with sneakers

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Be sporty… be chic… be stylish

Since sporty style became so popular wearing sneakers with formal clothes is not a shock anymore.
October 22, 2014

Oversized checked scarves

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My favorite statement piece for this winter

If I tell you I’m craving a little bit more cold just so I can use these scarves do you believe me?
October 21, 2014

Deep Red Nails

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A nail polish I can’t live without!

No matter what style you have, no matter what colors you’re wearing, red will always look good!
October 20, 2014

Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Garrett Hedlund

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Find out about “Sam Flynn” from TRON

Garrett John Hedlund is 30 years old, good looking and talented. You want to know more? Let’s go then….
October 17, 2014

Jumper dresses

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An item I want to invest in this season

I´ve been obsessed with jumper dresses. No matter if made of knit or jersey this piece is an excellent option to combine comfort and coolness.
October 16, 2014

Just in: items of the month

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Check my latest purchases

As I promise to myself during my vacation last month, I´m giving my wallet some rest and try not to be such a compulsive buyer.

October 15, 2014

Wet Hairstyle

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Tame your hair in the rain

If there’s one thing that really pisses me off during fall it’s the rain. The more I try I can never get my hair properly brushed in these days, no matter how many anti-frizz products I try.
October 14, 2014

Slogan Tshirts

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T-shirts that talk!

Because not only in summer t-shirts are cool, I already have some in my list in order to renew my collection.