March 28, 2013

Who´s that? Jon Kortajarena (Carolina Herrera 212 VIP)

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Do you know that super-hot guy in the CH 212 VIP commercial? Here he is… his name his Jon Kortajanera and he is one of the most successful Spanish models.

He has been in so many fashion ads it’s hard to choose the most famous or the best one: Just Cavalli, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Trussardi, Diesel, Lagerfeld, pepe Jeans, H&M, Zara, Guess, Tom Ford and I could be here for a couple more minutes writing more and more names.
Just check these pictures, some of his work, covers and videos. You won’t be disappointed J





March 28, 2013

Horns up!

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Animal trend is something that is more than familiar nowadays. I honestly lost count to how many tiger shirts I have in my closet. But what about some herd?

Who says bulls, buffalos or any other animal with horns can’t be used in fashion?

Of course it’s possible, check it out!

ZARA necklace - €19.95
 ZARA necklace - €12.95

MANGO necklace - €9.99

FOREVER21 shirt - €11

FOREVER21 shirt - €11

FOREVER21 shirt - €11

SWELL.COM bracelet shirt - €14.5

NORDSTORM ring - €18

TOPSHOP necklace - €18
 BILLABONG sweater - €22
MODEKUNGEN.SE shirt - €49.91

ASOS shirt - €49.34

BLOOMINGDALES necklace - €164

March 27, 2013

Mango Spring Jewellery Collection

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I already mentioned in a previous post that Mango has a great jewelry collection this season. Mango was always one of my top stores but normally only in the clothesline.

This spring collection though is full of cool jewels, it’s really trendy, and there are gorgeous necklaces, bracelets and other items that I’m sure you will love.

I personally love the necklaces; it’s my favorite item in this collection and as you can see in these pictures all are pretty big and shiny but at the same time elegant and super fashion.

Come in and take a look!

March 26, 2013

Coral and Mint… what do you think?

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I love these two colors, are my favorite colors special for spring/summer season. But what about mixing them together?

I know color block is a huge trend and mixing colors is no longer the same as before. Mixing colors is somewhat breaking routines but sometimes is still hard for me to do it.

Anyway I think the mint and coral can actually work well together. I picked some pieces and made some possible looks. What do you think?

1 - Zara shirt €25.95; 2 - Bimba y Lola earings €18; 3 - Bimba y Lola ring €25; 4 - H&M trousers €24.95; 5 - Bimba y Lola bag €300; 6 - Bershka shoes €25.99

1 - Bimba y Lola hat €58; 2 - Bimba y Lola bag €210; 3 - Zara dress €29.95; 4 - Bimba y Lola bracelet €24.95; 5 - Zara shoes €22.95

1 - scarf €21; 2 - Zara dress €39.95; 3 - Bimba y Lola bracelet €20; 4 - Bershka shoes €39.99; 5 - Asos bag €54.54

1 - Zara coat €79.95; 2 - H&M shirt €24.95; 3 - Bimba y Lola ring €20; 4 - Bimba y Lola skirt €98; 5 - Bimba y Lola bag €125; 6 - Bimba y Lola boots €165

March 26, 2013

Just in: More sweaters

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Once winter is still here and the rain and the cold don’t go away I ended up buying some new sweaters. I´m getting so tired of my clothes and all I want is to put these warm outfits away.

Just bought these cute sweaters so I can at least have some variety and wear something new before the warm weather arrives.

What about you? Are you still buying warm clothes or new season items?
ZARA - €39.99

MANGO - €25.99

MANGO - €25.99
(I like it so much I bought this color too)