Illesteva sunglasses

I’ve already talked about Illesteva sunglasses before but it’s time to write a post only about this brand that has become such a huge trend.
Celebrities, bloggers, models, etc., started being seen with these round shape sunglasses and after those people street style was invaded by this trend.

Illesteva was found in 2009 and since then its New York style inspired has become a phenomenon. I’m looking for a pair for a quite some time but I didn’t buy any yet. We can’t say it’s too expensive, it’s not even as much as some other brands, but it’s not cheap as well. So I want to make sure I will buy a pair I can use with several outfits.
What´s your favorite?

Some of the models available



  1. Great sunnies!! <3


  2. STUNNING POST AND LOOK!do you want to follow eachother?
    I wait for you for a new relaxed post!

  3. I love these eyeglasses! :*