PFW: And my favorites are...

Unfortunately I was not in Paris for the fashion week but like many of us I have been looking at the runway shows online (thank God for the Internet!)

As a fashion lover I also have a word to say so here is my retrospective of one of the most intense and fashionable weeks of the year.

And my favorites are….

What can I say… the Bambi shirt will be all over the blogsphere J
I really like the collection and I can see so many things I would like to have: the Bambi shirt of course; the floral jackets, the patchwork shirts, the long skirts, etc etc.

The show was amazing and I think it didn’t disappoint any fan. The good thing is that even though you think nothing can reach a house like Givanechy I can picture similar items in the stores most of us can afford like Zara and so on.

Giambattista Valli:
I looooove this collection! First, the ice white items are awesome, and then the choc with the scarlet bright red, stunning, and the leopard dress that I think is one of my favorite pieces in this Paris Fashion week, and then the black pieces with the red flower print!
OMG I love everything!


Saint Laurent:
Another favorite and at the same time so different from the other collections here.
Saint Laurent opted for a rock and roll collection that I’m so keen on. It makes me think about music, concerts, and grunge. I love the leather miniskirts and duffle coats, biker jackets and baby doll dresses.

It’s a cute collection with a rebellion style involved. Awesome.


My reaction when I was seeing the pictures of this collection… WOW!!
This is what fashion is about right? Who would dare to mix polka dots and leopard print? And yes it looks great no matter how weird it may sound!
Is probably one of my top collections. The dots blazer, the blue and the yellow dress mixed with the prints, the silhouettes and the last blue dress with the dots omg beautiful!

Do you like fairytales? If so you will love this collection just like me J
It’s all about magic and all those images we have from our childhood famous tales. I love everything in this Valentino ready to wear collection.
The dresses are out of this world, the lace and the beaded ones are incredible beautiful.

A very romantic collection special when we see pieces like the cape and the hooded robes. Simple amazing.


  1. THe bambi shirt!!! And the Saint Laurent & Valentino collections <3
    You can check out my PFW review's if you want!!


  2. Thanks for your comment! love your blog xD

  3. Valentino collection is stunning
    Really impressive blog, love your style. If you want check mine and we could follow each other:-)

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