April 30, 2013

Louis Vuitton Shawl Monogram

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Everyone has an object of desire, an item that lives in our dreams and that we believe one day will be ours. Most of the time the problem is the price, or the fact that the cost is too high for the object itself.

In my case one of my items of desire is the Louis Vuitton Châle (shawl) Monogram, an icon of the Maison since 1989.
I love scarves but this one is more than a regular scarf. It's beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and at the same time simple.

Louis Vuitton has been expanding the colors palette year to year and exuberant colors have been rising. It is said that for each shawl are needed 12,000 meters of wool yarn and silk. The worst part is that each one can cost almost 500 euros but like I said in the beginning we can always believe one day will be ours.

April 26, 2013

Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Alexander Skarsgard

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If anybody asks me to name three good things from Sweden, I will say it without hesitation: H&M, IKEA and Alexander Skarsgard!

Forgive me the Swedish, I´m sure this beautiful country have much more than this to offer, but I must say that with these three things they are already very well served.

As a fan of True Blood, this Swedish actor would never be out of my sight, after all its one of the main characters in the show, but his physical features would never allow him to be unnoticed.

Alexander has grown not only as a sex symbol but as an actor as well. In addition do True Blood he has been doing some movies, working in fashion and of course breaking some hearts.

April 24, 2013

Givenchy Lucrezia Bag

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There is something mystical about the attraction that bags cause in women. It is more than a statement, vanity or a fashion trend, is something that comes from generations to generations and puts some of these bags as symbols of eternal desire.

Years pass and brands renew their stock with new ideas, materials, but never abandoning the style of each model. I usually love the renovations but I also agree they should keep the original lines and be faithful to original model.

This is the case of the Lucrezia bag from Givenchy. It’s a bag we can use forever, it’s a symbol of elegance and fashion sense. The celebrities love it and as you can see in the pictures most of them have the black one.
I honestly would be happy with any of the colors J

April 23, 2013

Skorts: The skirt-and-shorts combination

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Remember those super cute skirts worn by female tennis players? Super short skirts that are actually shorts? That’s it, the Skorts!

I don’t know if you've notice but these skirts are back and are one of the cutest trends for summer.
Known as skorts, scooters, skants or cullotes, these skirt-and-shorts combination are one of the must-have items you need in your closet.

In reality the big difference between shorts and skorts is the fact that the last ones are much fuller at the bottom than at the waist and that ´s why it looks more like a skirt.
Check some skorts you can find online...

April 22, 2013

Girls I Really Like: The Courtin-Clarins

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It´s not one, nor two, or three, but 4 the girls I will talk about in this post.

Claire, Virginie, Jenna and Prisca are the granddaughters of Jacques Courtin-Clarins, the man who founded the beauty line Clarins.

So as you can image these young ladies are not only super rich but also beautiful and super stylish.
The sisters and cousins ​​(Claire and Viginie are sisters and cousins ​​of Jenna and Prisca) are it-girls in France and are constantly in the pages of magazines and fashion blogs.

The fashionistas say that Claire is the most beautiful, Virginie the "most" French, Jenna the radical and Prisca the classic.

True or not the fact is that they are super cute and dress great. Love their style and attitude.