Louis Vuitton Shawl Monogram

Everyone has an object of desire, an item that lives in our dreams and that we believe one day will be ours. Most of the time the problem is the price, or the fact that the cost is too high for the object itself.

In my case one of my items of desire is the Louis Vuitton Châle (shawl) Monogram, an icon of the Maison since 1989.
I love scarves but this one is more than a regular scarf. It's beautiful, elegant, sophisticated and at the same time simple.

Louis Vuitton has been expanding the colors palette year to year and exuberant colors have been rising. It is said that for each shawl are needed 12,000 meters of wool yarn and silk. The worst part is that each one can cost almost 500 euros but like I said in the beginning we can always believe one day will be ours.


  1. I love this scarf! I think I need to get one myself haha


  2. How do I order a scarf?