August 30, 2013

Hearts – Episode 2

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So, after my last post about the Burberry´s hearts collection, I decided to take a look at some other choices. Unfortunately most of us, including me, can’t afford the gorgeous Burberry garments but there is always an alternative J

Actually is not difficult to find heart printed clothes at some cool prices. So, if you are really into this print take a look at some of the next shopping ideas.

Have fun!

August 29, 2013

Burberry – I heart you!

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Burberry Fall/Winter 2013 collection is all about hearts, well not all the collection, but that’s definitely what cached my eyes.

Christopher Bailey sent a heart-dotted selection of not only shirts but also knickers, dresses and trench coats. Actually the heart-print trench is making a huge buzz and is probably one of the iconic pieces of the entire collection.

I think the collection is beautiful, romantic and elegant. There´s even bags with printed hearts!!
Love it!!

August 28, 2013

Girls I Really Like: Holli Rogers

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Can you imagine being the fashion director of That’s exactly what Holli Rogers does! She is the woman behind one of the biggest ecommerce fashion websites.

She started as a buyer at Neiman Marcus, an American luxury specialty department store, and then moved to Chanel to develop their ready-to-wear. In 2003 she joined the Net-a-Porter buying team as Assistant Retail Director and later appointed Fashion Director in 2011.

She has the privilege access to all the new trends, the best designers, but she considers her style fun and relaxed.
What I most like about her is the simplicity in her style. You look at her, and you can see she wear good clothes, but she doesn’t try too hard to be noticed. I love that!

August 27, 2013

Hunting for new scarves

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I love accessories and it’s really hard for me to choose my favorite type of accessory. Sometimes my mood is more into bags, other times shoes, jewels, but there is one I´m always into it no matter my mood is… scarves.

In summer time I mostly wear it at night, if it’s a cold breeze outside, but in Fall or Winter I guess I have a scarf in my neck 90% of the time.


I love the fall ones because the fabric is not so thick and I can use it with a nice blazer, cardigan or even a jumper if the weather is ok.  I already have my eyes in some gorgeous ones so take a look at my choices!




August 26, 2013

Tuck your hair with your clothes

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Is your hair long and sometimes you don’t know what to do with it? Some designers have thought about that problem of yours and tried to solve it. How? By making outfits where that little detail was not forgotten.

Take a look at these three suggestions from top designers such as Karl Laggerfeld, Alexander Wang and Martin Margiela.
Me, I think I still prefer the classic pony tail though lol

Chanel used chain necklaces not only as an accessory for the neck but also to hold the hair.  

Alexander Wang opted for a beanie sweater with a hole where you can let the pony tail out. This one cracks me up! LOL

Maison Martin Margiela created coats with have built-in pony tail holders. To me the most creative idea of all. 

August 23, 2013

The Zebra Handbag

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I recently found this amazing Tod´s zebra handbag from the brand´s new collection. How gorgeous is it? I love the bag but unfortunately it’s one of those luxury brands that only some can afford. Anyway we can still look and dream about having a luxury bag like this one right?

I’m not sure if it’s already available in stores, I can’t find it online as well as the price.

Nevertheless I picked some other gorgeous luxury bags with the zebra print. Some are more affordable than others so maybe there is an option around here J