August 29, 2014

Lob hairstyle

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Everyone knows what a bob haircut is. But and what about the lob?

I just found this word recently, because I had no idea it existed. The Lob is nothing more than the mix of the words long and bob.

August 27, 2014

Dior So Real

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The “it” sunglasses of the moment

Celebrities, bloggers, fashionistas, all pf them have a recent accessory in common… the Dior So Real!
August 26, 2014

Emmys 2014 – My favorites

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Red, roses and the mini!

The Emmy ceremony yesterday ended up being an amazing night full of beautiful dresses. It was great since last editionsweren’t very interesting.
August 26, 2014

Balmain Resort 2015 collection

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Kim and Joan dresses at the VMAs 2014

I was looking at the VMA´s looks and I was a little disappointed untilI saw Kim Kardashian and Joan Smalls Balmain dresses.
August 25, 2014

Girls I Really Like: Candice Lake

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Another super stylish Australian!

Candice Lake isnot only a style goddess, she also transforms other women in trendsetters through her street style photos.

August 22, 2014

Rave Prints Trend

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Pop art, electronic and psychedelic looks for the next season!

Imagine you are at a rave: lots of colors, lights, people,and psychedelic atmosphere.
August 21, 2014

In love with… Fringe kimonos

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Crushing on it hard!

I have two kimonos bought last year and which I like and wear a lot, but I don’t have any fringe one, and it happens I’ve been crushing on it hard lately.
August 20, 2014

Décor: Pillows

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Start with a cheap house makeover

I'm in the mood of changing my house decoration. But without spending too much money, so once I can’t change all my furniture I will only make a small restyle on the details.
August 19, 2014

Half tucked shirt

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We’re cracking the code!

One of the things that have been changing in fashion is the idea of following the preconceived rules.

August 18, 2014

Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Calvin Harris

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“When I met you in the Summer"

Like it or not this kind of music, I’m sure you've heard at least one song from the Scottish DJ Calvin Harris.

August 13, 2014

Long Vests

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A piece you can’t miss for the upcoming season

With the arrival of the new collections I noticed that in almost all the stores we can find longvests.
August 12, 2014

Oh Captain My Captain!

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Farewell Robin Williams…

I couldn’t pass this day without writing in my blog a tribute to this great actor! Here it is...
August 11, 2014

Deep Side Parted Hairstyle

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The big hair trend for 2014/2015

If you are still reluctant to change your middle part hairstyle, forget it! The next “it” fashion trend for hair is the deep side part.
August 08, 2014

Mango Fall – My Favorites

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Check my first favorite items from the Fall collection

Mango Fall 2014 catalogue is out and as I expected I already saw a couple of pieces I wouldn’t mind to add to my closet!
August 07, 2014

Printed Pencil Skirts

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Leave the office look behind and have fun with cool prints!

When we buy a pencil skirt normally, and I speak for myself, we tend to choose a neutral skirt with a single color. This post though is dedicated to fun skirts, full of prints and very stylish!
August 06, 2014

Just in… New Ray Ban Clubmaster 3016

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Mirror mirror you are so blue!

I´ve been head over heels for these sunglasses but I already bought a pair of Ray Bans this summer and I was reluctant in spending more money in one more pair!
August 05, 2014

Buy the Style… mini skirts

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Copy Erica Pelosini mini skirt looks

I choose three looks from my last post about the stylish Erica Pelosini. As you can see she loves miniskirts and I think these three ideas are super fun and affordable.
August 04, 2014

Girls I Really Like: Erica Pelosini

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Who wouldn’t like to have more than 500 pair of shoes?

Erica is the kind of girl that has everything to be an “it girl”. Pretty, studied fashion in Florence, worked with Anna de Lo Russo and is an editor for magazines such as Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.
August 01, 2014

In Love with… CK Visionary rings and bracelets

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Check the new CK jewelry collection

When I saw the collection in a magazine I got curious about the grey and white ring, as well as the same bracelet.