May 31, 2013

Just in: Bimba y Lola jewelry from their private sale

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Bimba y Lola, that as you know is one of my favorite stores ever, started yesterday with the private sales for their customers. Every season the brand gives to their registered clients some days where we can buy with discounts that can go up to 40%.

It’s an amazing opportunity because we can really save a lot of money. I end up showing there today and I bought these two bracelets and a pair of earrings.

There are a lot more stuff I would like to buy but I also need to start controlling my budget J








May 30, 2013

Crop top trend

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After being a hit in the 80s, the crop top trend is back. The perfect garment for warm months and a sexy look.

You can find it in various forms, materials and combinations as well as different brands, several designers brought the crop top back into their last collections.

To be honest this is not a favorite trend for me, in my opinion girls need to be careful wearing it because bellies need to be toned right? Mine isn’t so I won’t dare!

Check my shopping suggestions and get your crop top for summer.

Celebrities with the crop top trend




May 29, 2013

Chanel and the butterflies

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“The dazzling colors of butterflies inspire a joyful look for face and fingertips with the enchanting summer collection. Lashes flutter in electric shades of mascara and eyelids are adorned with gleaming colors. Nails and lips complete the effect with shades of sunlit brilliance.”

I’m in love with this collection. I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows or lipsticks but these colors can honestly make up my mind. The nail colors I love and will for sure try them all as well as the mascara. Actually the mascara colors are amazing and I honestly think changing from black mascara to these colors will give a great summer look, fresh and super trendy.

What do you think? Check the collection inside.

May 28, 2013

Daft Punk by YSL

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The French duo is launching their recent new album and this time they are back in big style. The new sparkly look was created by Yves Saint Lauren and is absolutely stunning.

I’m completely addicted to new single “Get Lucky“ that has the collaboration of Pharrell Williams and Nile Rodgers. If you didn’t listen yet please make yourself a favor! J

See the pictures and the video inside.

May 27, 2013

Just in: new shirts

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Finally the warm weather arrived and I’m ready to wear some shirts I bought a while ago.
I didn’t wear any of them yet. The first one I bought in H&M two months ago but the weather in Europe has not been warm enough for me to wear it.
Then I fell in love with this cute lion Pull & Bear t-shirt, super cute and cheap.

Finally these two H&M Blouses that fit really nice and have great fabric. And the best thing… you won’t believe the price! I like it so much I bought in blue and cream.

H&M - €14.95

PULL & BEAR - €7.99

H&M - €9.95

May 24, 2013

Xuz and Fly London

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Today I will bring to you two Portuguese shoe brands that I am so proud of and that changed my life forever.
As you can imagine I love shoes, but until not so long ago I would just buy flat shoes because with my crazy day life I would end the days with my feet completely in pain.
Until I found these two brands, designed and produced in Portugal and that have finally solved my problem.

It is impossible not to feel good with these shoes or sandals. Their models are super cute, the compensated heels are extremely comfortable and we can truly forget we are on top of some few inches.

I leave you with some of my favorite models and don’t forget to visit the brand’s websites to see all the collections.



May 23, 2013

Cannes 2013 Red Carpet – My Favorites

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Every year the Cannes Film Festival is a window not only for the movies but also for the celebrities and their looks.
This year´s event was full of good taste, sexiness and elegance. The celebrities opted for clean gowns, nothing crazy and the white was one of the main colors.
I don’t find any of the looks absolutely stunning but you can find the ones I like the most.

Check it out!