Chanel and the butterflies

“The dazzling colors of butterflies inspire a joyful look for face and fingertips with the enchanting summer collection. Lashes flutter in electric shades of mascara and eyelids are adorned with gleaming colors. Nails and lips complete the effect with shades of sunlit brilliance.”

I’m in love with this collection. I’m not a big fan of eyeshadows or lipsticks but these colors can honestly make up my mind. The nail colors I love and will for sure try them all as well as the mascara. Actually the mascara colors are amazing and I honestly think changing from black mascara to these colors will give a great summer look, fresh and super trendy.

What do you think? Check the collection inside.



  1. I love your blog! It looks great :)
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    If so please do let me know and I will come by straight away and follow you too :)

  2. Adorei as cores, estão com uma coleccao muito bonita ;)

  3. a beautiful selection :)

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    Coline ♡