KIM&ZOZI – There are things we really need to get to know…

There are three things I love about this brand.

Number one: the way the brand was created. Two girlfriends, an idea and a lot of fun;

Number two: the inspiration behind it, in their own words “We believe that one can’t live without love, art, music, design, surf, fashion, friendships and family “;

Number three: the amazing, super cute pieces these two amazing and creative women do.


I became a fan since the first time I saw the bracelets. The colors, the materials, everything was so me! I love every single piece, I’m a bracelet freak but I also love the Kamala necklaces that can give such a good stylish hippie vibe to our look.
If you don’t know the brand yet you have to, take a look at some of my favorite items and check their website





  1. Very very beautiful things! I also want to have one of them...
    Follow me!

  2. Beautiful pieces. I love them all. Esp. the cute bracelets.

    xx Mira

  3. Oh gosh, I love the bracelet! It's so pretty (: xx

  4. and i love your selection !


    Coline ♡