Girls I Really Like – Dani Stahl

When I first saw Dani Stahl was in a TV show called Scouted. The show was about scouting regular girls in the street to take them to NY to become models. Dani was the style consultant who helped the girls with the looks and outfits for the photo shoots. The show was not that great but my favorite part was always when Dani was on.

Dani is the style editor for Nylon and works as a style consultant. She is the kind of girl everybody loves: nice, stylish, full of charisma, the typical NY “it” girl.
I love her style and her coolness. She doesn’t need to be perfect all the time but we can see she has fun with herself and with fashion in particular.

Dani´s closet confessions: watch this video, it’s so cool and represents what Dani is and her relationship with fashion. Oh and take a look at her sunglasses collection, its insane! J


Check some of her looks...


  1. She looks great!

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