Bleached Blonde Hair

Ice Ice Baby

For those who know me well enough this might be really odd but if I had the courage to do it I would love to try this hair color.

Logically it´s not a color that looks good in everybody, and wouldn’t look good on me at all, but these ladies in the pictures look amazing.
This blonde platinum can go to a greyish color sometimes, short or long, models and celebrities love this trend.
I love it too, what about you?



  1. Beautiful inspiration of blonde hair

  2. I'm in love with this trend too. If I could, I'd totally go for a grey-ish blonde, but having an olive complexion and really dark hair this really isn't an option for me either.

    Jasmin xx

  3. Gosto mesmo. Mas ia ficar terrível em mim xD

  4. Se te disser que já fui bem loira... acreditas? ;)

  5. Loving the girls and loving the blonde!!! xx