Kim Kardashian: the new baby mama best and worst looks!

Kim Kardashian has finally given birth! Thank god! It looked like she was pregnant for a life time and the worst thing during the gestation her fashion sense got worse and worse. And it’s not because she gain weight! Actually I know a lot of future mommas that look gorgeous and trendy.

Kim Kardashian is a beautiful woman, no one can deny, she is also rich, famous so I really don’t understand why she looks so bad sometimes. I think her main problem is that wanting to look always so sexy she tries too much and is not well succeed.


Anyway I wish her the best, and the baby, and maybe who knows she can get some fashion advice with her sister Kourtney which style I appreciate a lot.


Here are some of the worst and the best of Kim´s looks. What do you think?



This is just some of the worst…. There are plenty of looks that could be in this selection. Unfortunately Kim has a lot of horrible outfits that could be part of this group.


With The Best I mean the not so bad ones. Nothing is particular stunning but there in some of these outfits she looks good and fashionable. More casual and simple she gets the prettier she is.


  1. ADOREI o Blogue!!
    <3 <3

  2. The worst are really unbelievable!!!!
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  3. Well, I've also made a post about her pregnancy style, and the truth is that her choices made me quite chocked sometimes.


  4. I think she's really beautiful..or she was since she's destroying her face with so many interventions. I love her healthy hair -althought blonde is not for her!- and i envy a lot of the garments she owns. Actually she has amazing pieces but they arent just the best idea for her body shape. xxx

    1. She does have a gorgeous hair, and she is beautiful but definetly the pieces are not for her body shape and thats the main problem I guess.

  5. I love her in every way ! She is so beautiful !
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