Julianne Hough: what a new haircut can do your style!

If you girls like to follow the celebrities style you´ve might already seen Julianne´s Hough new haircut. The actress cut her long blond hair and changed to a short bob.

At the time when I saw the new look I just thought "this pretty face will always look good no matter what”, but lately I’ve noticed that Julianne’s style changed since she got this new haircut.

Julianne has a doll face but she was never a fashion muse, coincidence or not since she adopted this new hair she is so more stylish and modern.

Take a look at some pictures before and after and let me know if you agree. Isn’t she so much trendier right now?





Long hair, short hair, she is beautiful anyway but as you can see in these pictures she looks to baby doll, too perfect.




The change is so noticeable; she looks more casual, more fun, fashonable, etc etc...


  1. I adore Julianne, and how she's unafraid to change her look and style! Great actress, too!

  2. she always looks gorgeous!
    thanks for visit!

    ♥ Margherita ♥

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