Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Ethan Hawke

To write about Ethan Hawke is like going back to a teen diary, an album of memories of my adolescence. While all the girls were crazy about Tom Cruise I used to dream with this shy actor with an awkward style.

Ethan was one of the main actors in the movie of my life, the “Dead Poets Society”. A movie that touched me as no other did.

“Reality bites”, was another movie that I keep in my favorite ones. A movie about love, friendship, and youth, with the good and the bad things of that generation. Ethan was gorgeous, his crazy hair, his relaxed style and a super cute smile glued me to the TV.

Then “Before Sunrise”, damn how I loved this movie. A couple that met in a trip and fell in love, both living in different continents, etc etc. A typical love story that made me cry like crazy.

Ethan is not the same cute kid anymore, now he is a handsome man, with 42 years old and 4 kids. But he keeps the he same shy smile and the cool relaxed style I used to love.

The Dead Poets Society

Reality bites

Before sunrise

With his first wife, the actress Uma Thurman

With his actual wife Ryan Shawhuges


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  1. Nice post!!

  2. Love him!!!! Thanks for stopping by the blog! xo, Julie

  3. Amazing pics! So cool:)

  4. I agree and I love the pictures!


  5. Pero que guapísimo es!!!
    Un beso!

  6. So. attractive.

  7. he has great acting potential, I think he still has a great part in him to play:) I actually haven't watched Before Sunrise yet just the sequel but I must see it because I loved the second part so much!