Lilac nail lacquer

My new recent obsession is the lilac nail lacquer. I know the winter is still on but this is a color that matches with dark clothes as well. Actually it gives a cool touch of color in the rainy days. I love it and there are plenty of choices once all beauty brands have a lilac nail lacquer collection.

I honestly love all of the selection I made; all of the lacquers are very good and are very easy to use for the girls that do their own manicure, like me!

OPI - Do You Lilac?
OPI - Rumples Wiggin

MAC - Little Girl Type

Chanel - Lilac Sky

Essie - St. Lucia Lilac

Dolce and Gabanna - Lilac Nail Lacquer


Yves Saint Laurent Beauty – Mauve Silk Nail Polish


Risque - Ninfa


Rimmel – Lively Lilac


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