Just in: Ray Ban Clubmaster 4175

I finally made up my mind and decided to buy the Ray Ban Clubmaster sunglasses. I was so undecided about these glasses. I think I´ve tried them on about 100 times and I’m absolutely sure the lady in the Sunglasses Hut store was about to roll her eyes every time I was there. Anyway I bought the larger model the 4175, I like big glasses so I feel more comfortable with this model rather than the original one.

I´m very happy with my new purchase and I can tell you they have been my favorite accessorize for the last few days :)




  1. Love your selection!! :)


    A chic kiss ;)

  2. nice blog! nice look!
    Estoy buscando blogs que me gusten, y los que me gustan os escribo para que podáis visitar el mio. Lo tube una temporada abandonado y ahora he vuelto. Me gustaría saber tu opinión! Gracias!! Un saludo!!


  3. I'm all for bigger glasses too. These look perfect, dear.;)