Kirsten Stewart on the cover of V Magazine

It´s not the first time Kristen Stewart is on a magazine cover mas is one of the few times the camera has caught her true essence. The picture is beautiful and doesn’t pretend to show Kristen as someone she isn’t, like it happens in some other covers.

I think she is gorgeous, a different kind of beauty, but nevertheless beautiful. Like her or not, and I don’t quite know in each field I can out myself in, she has a unique and intense look.

I really like the cover and the pictures inside.



  1. É assim... Para mim, acho-a bonita, mas nada mais. Não me inspira confiança, não sei, parece que está sempre com ar arrogante (talvez devido aos olhos de "carneiro mal morto" lol) mas pronto. A produção está, como sempre, muito boa!