Men You Shouldn´t Ignore: Michael Pitt

If you still don’t know who Michael Pitt is I can introduce him to you as an actor, musician, writer, artist, among other things that are probably not as public as these last ones.
With 31 years old Michael is an American from New Jersey. His angelical face doesn’t match with the characters he is been playing as you can prove by the role in the TV show Boardwalk Empire, the show where he actually became best known.

In addition to the series, Michael was the protagonist of the movie "Last Days," based on the life of Kurt Cobain, "Silk" with Keira Knightley; "Dreamers" produced by Bernardo Bertolucci, "Funny Games" with Naomi Watts, and others.

Few may also know that Michael was chosen in 2012 to be the face of Prada and has also collaborated with Yves Saint Laurent. But don’t you think that this guy wants all the stars from Hollywood, according to some interviews what he really likes to do is to write and to paint and he doesn’t mind to be out of the spotlight.




  1. I love this post. That Prada campaign is amazing!


  2. Adoro este tipo tem um ar estranhamente angelical;)€
    Quanto a Tee foi o meu namorado que a fez:))

    1. Tens de colocar o namorado a vender essas Tees, olha já ganhou uma cliente se estiver interessado lol Bjs