Men You Shouldn´t Ignore: Adrien Brody

Adrien Brody is probably the best example of what “beautiful ugly” means. “Someone who is unconventionally sexy in a wrong sort of way “just like I found in the urban dictionary definition and what a perfect definition to Brody itself!
His nose is probably his most characteristic feature and the fact is that even in his career his nose has been his lower point; the actor already broke his nose on set three times! But who cares about a big nose when a guy can be so sexy? Is what I feel when I look at him. Beauty is not in the conventional patterns but in what can make us different from others and that difference can be our best quality.

I bet most of you have seen the movie The Pianist, his acting is superb! The role won him an Academy Award for Best Actor, making him, at 29, the youngest actor ever to win the award. 

Besides his acting career Brody made his runway debut as a model for Prada Men Fall/Winter 2012 show. He was also named ambassador for the Gillette Fusion ProGuide Styler and made some other campaigns for other brands such as Lacoste.

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