Girls I Really Like: Jade, Lizzy and Georgia Jagger

There is no way I would talk about a Jagger girl without referring the other sisters. That’s why I decided to write a three in one post, because each one of the Jaggers have her own style and statement in the fashion world.  Jade, Lizzy and Georgia are Mick Jagger´s daughters. They were born millionaires, famous and beautiful. I love their look and Rock n´ roll girl style.

Jade: The elder of the clan is my favorite Jagger sister. Although she is already over forty she keeps the good shape and the bohemian chic style. In my opinion she was one of the celebrities that start this trend, way way before some other names.
She currently works as a jewelry designer and has her own brand of accessories. It’s easy to understand where her creativity came from, besides being a Jagger she grew up with Andy Warhol at her side!

Lizzy: Probably the most controversial of the three sisters. The second Jagger girl already gave some headaches to her father and mother, the famous super model Jerry Hall.
She is a model but her most famous photos are probably the ones taken for Playboy. Lizzy is the first one affirming she loves to take her clothes off to the cameras. She was also involved in a controversy when she was filmed having sexual acts with her boyfriend in a public place.
Polemics aside, Lizzy is the true Rock n' roll star daughter.

Georgia: In my opinion the prettiest one and the more Jerry Hall look alike. Georgia has become a beautiful girl and has done numerous fashion campaigns: Cavalli, Vivienne Westwood, Chanel, H & M and many more.
Georgia is beautiful, very photogenic and is one of the most famous trend setters in London. Girls love her style and her hippy chic look mixed with a sexy look. 

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  1. those are some beautiful sisters!! moves like Jagger! LOL