Yellow Nails

Here comes the sun…

Last year I remember commenting with a friend that the only color I wouldn’t like to see in my nails is yellow. I love nail lacquers and change nail color frequently but not yellow! Until now...!

This year everything changed. Yellow became an obsession and I didn’t rest untilI found the right yellow I wanted.

There are several shades: some moreopen and bright, others more pastel and soft. The one I was looking for was a medium one and was not an easy find! Anyway as a fierce woman I am I didn’t quit easily and I found the right color and guess what, it was the last one!! YAY! (It’s the Artdeco lacquer in the varnishes picture. Cost €9 and you can find in the Douglas shop).

What about you? Are you into the yellow nails trend?


  1. Gosto mesmo muito. Comprei um verniz amarelo há uns três anos, mas ainda não é aquele. Tenho de procurar o perfeito para mim :p

    r: Não são desta coleção :/ Já os comprei para aí na altura do Natal, em promoção, e só havia este par!


  2. I've tried a yellow pastel before and I did not like it on, but I'm loving the neon!

  3. I love wearing yellow nails - I get more comments than any other color!

    x. jill
    beck daily

  4. Yello nails totally rock . I will try to use it maybe later ♥ hahaha