Just in… New bags, new shoes!

Is there any better combination? I don’t think so…

Have you ever felt that your purchases are so cool that you spend some time just seat in your bed looking at your new babies? Well that’s how I feel about my new bags and shoes.

If you read my blog you might have seen a post where I talk about blue bags, I was so indecisive about the kind of blue (royal or light blue) and due to some of your comments I decided for cheaper ones and buy two instead of only one. So thank you girls!

I also bought this cute Michael Kors pink bag that I absolutely adore and that I think it will look great in summer.

Then when I thought I was done with my shopping I saw these two pair of cute flats that were cheap and worth being in my feet. I have to admit that the blue ones match the color of the Asos bag and that was a plus!

Finally I got these pair of New Balance that I was trying to buy for a while. I couldn’t find this black model in stores here and I found at Asos. Woo Woo!
Hope you like it as much as I do! Check it out!



  1. Realmente, só compras muito, muito giras! Adoroo todas as malas!!


  2. A mala da MK é tão linda!


  3. ADOREI cada uma das peças que compraste. Então a carteira da Asos...roubou-me o coração :)
    Fizeste muito bem em comprar nos dois azuis ;)


  4. Adorei este artigo e o teu blogue também. Deixarei aqui o link do meu blogue se o quiseres adicionar. http://segredodemulher00.blogspot.pt/ Beijinhos!

  5. Wow!! Amazing selection... Love all of these