Denim Shirt Dress

A versatile garment for comfortable days

Here is a piece I want to buy for quite some time and I didn’t yet. Every time the weather starts warming up I remember that I should get one, it’s an excellent option for those days when I want todress easy, comfortable and at the same time cute and trendy.

Plus it’s so easy to create cool lookswith it, especially if mixing belts, hats, jewelry! I love seeing these dresses with ballerinas but we can also use with high sandals and thereby make amore formal look.

The problem is to find the right dress. We may find it’s an easy thing to find but the problem is to find one that fits perfect, these kind of shirt dresses can be tricky at when we try them on we might get an unpleasant surprise.



  1. I love them, I wear them every summer, I can't live without them

  2. Também tenho um! Dão um jeitão!

  3. Eu tenho um e adoooorooooo!!! É super prático e dá para criar os mais diverso looks ;-)


  4. Acho o da H&M perfeito :)