Open Toe Shoes

Refresh your feet before Summer

Do you know that stage when you don’t feel good wearing sandals but at the same time it’s too warm to use boots and shoes?

When this happens nothing better thanthis trend to refresh your feet! There are plenty of styles of open shoes depending on your personal taste; there are the open shoes, boots orbooties, and others closer to sandals.

My favorites are the Mule style, the onesopen in the front and at the back as well. What about you? Do you like this trend?


  1. Some of them are wonderful and other are impossible to put them on ;)

  2. Sou louca pelos sapatos da Zara com os tassels! Custa-me dar esse dinheiro por eles, mas qualquer dia decido-me xD

  3. Adoro as sandálias da Zara com o promenor em franja! Se não fosse o preço já cá cantava. Elas que sejam meninas para serem confortáveis e ainda penso duas vezes :D

  4. Love this kind of sandals, very stylish. Nice selection


  5. well, its an interesting blog....