Aristrocrazy Game of Throne Rings

Which house do you support? Baratheon, Targaryen, Stark or Lannister?

If you're one of the millions fans of Game of Thrones series, which four season started this week, you'll probably love this collection.

Aristocrazy jewelry launched the first collection of the Aristocrazy "Game of the Thrones” limited edition that consists of 4 oxidized sterling silver or 18K yellow gold-plated rings. The rings are based on the four houses which one with its correspondent emblem: a crowned black stag, a direwolf, a three-headed dragon and a fierce lion.

The Stag represents the Baratheon, the wolf the Starks, the dragon the Tararyen and the Lion the Lannisters.

The rings aren’t cheap but I think they look super cool in the indicator finger. What would be your choice? Mine would be the dragon!


  1. Nunca vi a série, mas o anel do leão em dourado é mesmo giro :p

  2. them all! Very cool!


  3. Oh my god, I need this. I wantthe Baratheon based on looks, but I'm a Targaryen girl.

  4. I've never seen the series, but from a design point of view I really love the stag and the dragon :o) Xx

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  5. Hi girls, for those of you that are saying that have never watched the series i must say its worth it! I know its already in the forth season but try to get the first ones and you will love it for sure! Hugs to all of you and thanks for the comments xx

  6. Game of Thrones Mania!! Give me all those rings! :)