Men You Shouldn’t Ignore: Jared Leto

The eternal baby’s face with a rock star style!

Well, there is no need to introduce this man after all who doesn’t know who Jared Leto is right?

I don’t know why I took so long to mention his name in my list of Men You Shouldn’t Ignore but maybe I was waiting for the right time and the time is definitely now!

2014 couldn’t have started better to Jared, he just got his first Golden Globe award and the Oscar nomination for best supporting role. In the movie, Dallas Buyers Club, Jared plays Rayan, a transsexual and AIDS patient.

Besides his acting he has his band, 30 Second to Mars, with his brother Shannon, and music was his first love when pursuing a career in LA.
Jared is beautiful, has an incredible body shape, and his blue eyes are amazing. With 42 years old he will always be the baby face, years go by and he gets better and better.

I first noticed him in the movie Urban Legend and since then never lost his track. Now, I can’t wait to watch the movie and see his amazing performance in Dallas Buyers Club.

Chamaleon hair style

"Dallas Buyers Club"

Magazine covers 

Thirty seconds to Mars - City of Angels




  1. I love him to death, I freaking love him! I'm a huge fan of 30 Seconds to Mars and an even bigger fan of him as a person, as an actor, as a director. His music videos are genius. He's so beautiful whenever I see him I can't stop thinking how beautiful this man his <3
    I can't believe he's 42, I just can't! I love him <3

    1. hahaha it was soooo dificult to choose pictures for this post, there are tone of awesome pictures of him, he is so damn hot!

  2. Só não gostei do cabelão comprido agora :)

    Taras e Manias

  3. Ele é bem giro, mas não gosto muito da musica dele ahah

  4. Muy guapa!!

  5. I met him once. True story.