Mango and Zara last minute sales

20 pieces you can still get for half the price!

As I told you before I´m not a big sales consumer but I have to agree that it’s possible to find nice pieces at lower prices plus I have friends that can do a new whole wardrobe by only buying on sales.

I took a little time and went to see two of my favorite stores and I actually found some really trendy clothes that are still perfect for the season.

Most of the pieces are half price off, some even more! And most of the items are surely still good to wear next year, so if you have budget to invest, do it while there is still time.

Check my selection!




  1. Fiquei de olho no primeiro casaco da zara :)

  2. oooo that fur jacket!

  3. woow, love this pieces! And what a prices, crazy :)

  4. yep you're right, I found nice clothes in Bershka and H&M, also nice stuff was in Mohito :)

  5. Find beautiful garments at a good price is the best now! Great selection