Paris Couture Fashion Week – The best details

Chanel trainers, Gaultier Butterflies and Giambattista Valli skirts

As I said in the previous post Elie Saab was my favorite designer at Paris Couture Fashion Week, but I can’t miss 3 details that cached my eyes at Chanel, Giambattista Valli and Jean Paul Gaultier collections.

Check what I liked the most:

Chanel trainers
I wasn’t crazy for this couture collection but I can’t miss the fact that mixing couture with sport shoes is definitely something only a mind as Lagerfeld´s can do without looking stupid.
The models look really cute (besides that weird hair) but what I really loved is the trainers. The problem is that the trainer’s collection is not available as a solo item, well too bad I wouldn’t afford it anyway LOL

Giambattista Valli skirts
I call it skirts but actually it’s more correct to say the bottom part of the dresses in this collection, anyway I really loved the creativity involved. For Giambattista short is short and everything is possible: undulating peplums at the back and over each hip, puffed bows, a lot of amazing applications, etc.


Jean Paul Gaultier butterflies
If you look at this collection everything resembles butterflies, the huge voluminous sleeves, the colors, and of course the butterfly dresses and head pieces. It was such a great show of inspiration and entertaining.





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  1. As sapatilhas da Chanel realmente são espetaculares :)