Lupita Nyong’o - A woman of the world

The style and the looks of the actress everybody is talking about!

As probably most of you, I have never heard about Lupita Nyong’o till this year. But before I knew about her acclaim debut in the movie 12 Years a Slave, I started noticing her because of her style.

I remember being online and suddenly I saw a couple of pictures from Dujour magazine and I thought “wow she must be a new famous model or something”, then finally I came familiar with the movie and discovered this great actress which style has been talked about so much lately.

Lupita has born in Mexico, raised in Kenya, and educated in the United States, she is what we can call a woman of the world. Her shinning dark skin, the doll face, and the elegant fashion taste she has is probably a result of all that.

I’m completely in love with her style, she has been the center of the latest red carpets and I can’t wait to see what she will wear for the Oscars.


  1. perfect!

  2. I love every dress that she chose. She is so elegant, great disover

  3. Eu só a descobri nos globos de ouro! Achei-a tão fascinante, que senti a necessidade de fazer alguma pesquisa para descobrir a 'menina', e uma bela surpresa! Está sempre para lá de óptima!


  4. Eu vi o filme, mas nem lhe dei assim tanta importância quanto isso, depois dos Globos realmente nasceu para o mundo! :P

  5. That girl can dress.

  6. I just discovered her, too! She looks so stunning each time I "see" her!