Black trainers!

I want ones, I want ones!


So, my new addition are black trainers. Everywhere I go I see someone with a pair.

Lately I´ve been doing some online shopping search and I found some cool ones, of course that most of the sport brands have black trainers, but my favorites are the New Balance and the Nike.

I selected a group with the ones I can actually end up buying and also some inspiration pictures for some looks. Do you already have a pair of black trainers? If so which re the ones you got? Let me know!



  1. Eu tenho umas Nike pretas, mas gosto muito mais das New Balance que mostras no post :)

    1. Tenho umas Vans também, que uso imensoo!! Nem sei como me esqueci xD

    2. Acabei de encomendar da Asos os new Balance, não resisti mesmo!! beijocas

  2. Quero tanto os New Balance!!!!! :)