Gunmetal Jewelry Trend

One of the big trends this next season will be the gunmetal jewelry. Stores are full of accessories with this color which gives a more rock and roll vibe to the looks.

I really like this dark metal trend and I even like to mix it with silver, the contrast is super cool especially if you match a lot of bracelets or necklaces.

I love the Mango collection pieces but you can find this trend almost everywhere. Take a look at my shopping ideas!


  1. Very beautiful jewelery :)

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  2. Adoro mesmo este tom! Parece que todos os anos temos necessidade de arranjar novas cores para comandarem as nossas bijus, e cada uma tende a ser mais bonita que a anterior, ou pelo menos mais interessante!


  3. These pieces are so awesome! I love your blog!

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  4. Lovely pieces. Thanks for visiting