Charlotte Olympia flats

With the end of the summer I’m gradually starting to get rid of the sandals and go back to shoes. It’s always really difficult to me to do that transition because my feet get used to the comfort of summer shoes.

For that transition nothing better than doing it slowly and instead of getting by boots right away I prefer to start with something more comfortable and not so claustrophobic. And this is when I love flats!
Flats are a good start for the change of the season. It’s comfortable and can be found anywhere from cheap to expensive brands.

Charlotte Olympia might be considered a luxury brand, the shoes are not cheap at all, but the flats, slippers or loafers are amazing.

If you are looking for something really cool and different, with a special design, and of course with a signature, and are willing to spend some money, Charlotte Olympia is definitely a great choice.


  1. in love with this amazing flats!

  2. Thank you very much for entering and comment on my blog, it has made me very excited.
    It is true that animal shoes are on the feet of almost all famous.
    They are great fun and should be comfortable

  3. All are beautiful! Love the sleeping cat, so cute!

  4. Love these!

  5. I really love her designs just gorgeous just wish they were cheaper ;-) x

  6. so cute

  7. Love all of these flats. Have a beautiful design, so stylish!


  8. Charlotte Olympia flats are the cutest!!
    Thanks for stopping by the blog, I'm your newest follower now. Hope to see you around. Xo.