Carrera by Jimmy Choo

When I bought my last two pairs of sunglasses this year I told to myself I would be done with sunglasses by now. Well I´ll have to bite my tongue!

If you didn’t see the Carrera by Jimmy Choo collection yet, you will understand my dilemma as soon as you put your eyes on one of the models.

The sunglasses can be found in black/gold leopard print, black, dark gold and nude glitter. For the ultimate luxury statement, the leopard print model comes in a limited edition with real gold lenses!


Amazing! Check the pictures and the video inside!






  1. Beautiful Sunglasses!

    Chris x

  2. São um máximo!!!!Adorei!

  3. oh la la! Já tinha visto de soslaio esta parceria mas só agora, no teu blog, é que me debrucei melhor! Fiquei...como hei-de dizer? Encantada! (querooo!)

    beijinhos e obrigada pelo comentário,
    Sara ♥