Celebrity wedding dresses – from fairytales to nightmares!

I was looking at Chrissy Teigen´s wedding pictures and thinking how gorgeous the gown was. The model who married the musician John Legend wore a princess style Vera Wang´s creation that is not actually my favorite kind of dress but that in this case I think was absolutely stunning.

I decided then to pick some of my favorite celebrities wedding dresses but when searching for the post I inevitably found some precious dresses than are more for a terror night rather than a fairytale day.


Check it on, I know you will love this!




The fairytales:



Chrissy Teigen – Vera Wang:

Vera Wang is a master in princess wedding dresses, a lot of tulle and big big skirts. This one is very beautiful and looks amazing in Christy’s body.

Carolyn Bessete – Narciso Rodriguez:

I love this minimalist wedding dress used by Carolyn, John F. Kennedy Jr.´s wife. She was known as a fashion trender and at least to me she didn’t disappoint her fans on her wedding day. The story ended as sad as could be with the couple´s death in a plane crash.

Ivanka Trump - Vera Wang:

Inspired in Grace Kelly´s wedding dress Ivanka looked beautiful. I don’t usually like lace dresses but in this case I think the majestic look fits perfect in Ivanka´s style.



Portia de Rossi – Zac Possen:

I still have to find a dress designed by Zac Posen that I don’t like. He would be my choice for sure!

A pink wedding dress for me is something I would never wear but it’s impossible not to like this one. I adore everything in this dress, the backless is amazing!



Kate Bosworth – Oscar de la Renta:

Maybe too clean for some, too perfect for me! This is my kind of wedding dress. A simple, white, strapless and elegant dress. A bride doesn’t need more right? Kate shines for herself with this amazing Oscar de la Renta gown.

Kate Moss – John Galliano:One of my favorite dresses! This boho chic dress was superb: nostalgic, dramatic and hippie. Actually I can’t imagine Kate with a princess style dress, this is the right style for her because it’s all about who she is.


Nicole Richie – Marchesa:

I never though seeing Nicole Richie with a wedding dress like this but she looked amazing. I always thought she would prefer a simple silhouette, very minimalist looking. Anyway this fairytale dress is gorgeous and Nicole was very pretty on it.


Renee Zellweger - Carolina Herrera:

It was a fast marriage, that didn’t last long, but at least it was worth for the dress. This Carolina Herrera gown is so me! As you can already figure put I love strapless, clean, minimalist dresses and this one is pure perfection.


Lily Aldridge – Vera Wang:

Vera Wang is definitely the queen of the wedding gowns! But she deserves because her designs are pure art. This dress was layered with Chantilly and corded lace applique.


Tatiana Santo Domingo – Missoni:

I love the whole look! If you know a little about this girl you will understand this choice, because this is her style! The dress is so elegant and hippie chic. Love the natural look of her hair and the floral headpiece.

The nightmares:

 Anne Hathaway – Valentino:
I like Anne but this dress is weird! First of all it’s hard to notice in the pictures but the dress has a pink tinge in the front, it doesn’t make too much sense right? Well anyway too much tulle that wraps Anne like if she is a Christmas present. Finally that band in her head makes me think what the hell was she thinking when she decided to wear that.


Kim Kardashian – Vera Wang

There were three but I’m going to focus in the first dress Kim wore in her wedding day. It’s just one more dress that we can’t say is horrible but it doesn’t look good in Kim´s curvy body. I hate the headband with all those stuff in her forehead. Honestly this dress makes me more indifferent what it’s even worse I guess.

Celine Dion – Mirella and Steve Gentile:
OMG I get a headache every time I look at this picture! Marie Antoinette is dead for a long time but Celine wanted to take her place in this day.
I found out the designers sew for over 1.000 hours to complete this dress, really?? For this?

Emma Thompson – ?
I know it looks like Mary Poppins but it’s not! The British actress married for the first time in 1989 with this bizarre dress that I bet still gives her nightmares when she dreams about this.

Gwen Stefani – Christian Dior:
I honestly hate this dress, is so kitsch. The dress was considered by many one of the most iconic dresses of all time, really? I can’t see the beauty in a tie dye wedding dress!

Jessica Biel – Giambatista Valli:
Another pink dress I can’t get over with. I just don’t understand all the pinkish idea! Besides there was too much tulle, too much fabric around that in my opinion takes the whole attention from the bride.

Mandy Smith – Louise Hamlin-Wright:
Just because she was marrying a rolling stone member it doesn’t mean she would have to go over the top! I have a feeling she didn’t want to be found because with so much stuff going around we can’t hardly she who the bride is. Too much drama in here!

Tina Turner – Georgio Armani:
I´ve seen pink, red, black but this is the first green wedding dress I’ve ever seen. I don’t know how she managed to make Armani design and let her use such a thing. At least its definitely a dress to remember!


  1. I really love Vera Wang wedding dresses!Chrissy Teigen dress was adorable! xoxo


  2. Great Post, love looking at wedding dresses :) Carolyn's dress was sooo beautiful and timeless.

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  3. I loved Kate Moss's and Nicole Richie's dress. For our wedding I'm definitely going to have lace it's so romantic

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  4. Excelente post!! Para mim a Kate Moss já ganhou! :)

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