Carolina Herrera´s Gaspar bag

My first luxury bag was a shopping bag from Carolina Herrera. I was still in college and I couldn’t afford it. I used to go to CH store and think “Damn is so much money but is sooooo beautiful”, so I decided to get the money my parents gave me for Christmas and instead of buying a couple of garments I only used the money on that bag. It was an extravaganza but it felt so good hahaha.

So till today CH bags have a special place in my heart and I love every single model. This fall Carolina Herrera created a new collection that is inspired in her poodle named Gaspar!

The collection is gorgeous, fun and elegant as everything Carolina designs. The handbags are available in leather, suede and fur with frayed trim embellishments.
My favorite is actually the red one full of fringes, love it!!



  1. Cool!!!


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  3. And I'm sure the bag was worth every single penny. I feel the same way if I really want to have something. These bags are totally stunning. The red one is a beauty but my favorite is the black version of it. Although I have to admit I wouldn't mind to own both :D

    xx Mira

  4. Nice post!

  5. Beautiful collection! <3

  6. Fabulosa :-)

  7. Fantastic bags! For me the best is black one<3

  8. Thanks for your comment!! The watch and the Hermès bracelet are also my favorites at the moment:-)
    And thank you so much for this post!!!! I didn't know that Carolina designed such gorgeous bags!!! I also like the red one the most. But they are pretty expensive, aren't they?
    But what did Carrie in Sex and the City say: "I only bought Vogue. I thought it would fed me more!"
    How damn right she is;-)

  9. stunning bags collection!!!
    I want all them in my wardrobe!!!

  10. It's such a pretty bag! I love CH too, they are timeless and so classy!

    Cee. ♥
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  11. oooo I love the red!

  12. Porque é que as malas Carolina Herrera têm de ser todas tão perfeitas? Adoro a elegância característica desta marca, simplesmente perfeita.
    Obrigada pelo comentario.
    Gostei muito de conhecer o teu blog.