Animal print dresses

You might already know how a big fan I am of animal print. Leopard, zebra, snake, etc, I really love garments with this prints. However I don’t have an animal print dress and is actually something I would like to buy.

I have been looking at some and I found one at Mango that I might get. The price is super nice and I just need to try it on and look how it fits.

Anyway I did a search and found a lot of animal print dresses, what´s your favorite?


  1. I like this dresses, they are so trendy now ! But in my city sometimes the people compare them with CHONI CLOTHE, (as in jersey shore. I thisk, that if tu know how combine them, you can get a great look.

  2. Love the animal print dresses!!

  3. Great post, I think animal printed dresses are really the the new LBD

    Greetings from London,