Tortoise Jewels

Do you like this trend? I’m so into it right now!


I always loved tortoise sunglasses, for many years were definitely my favorite type of sunnies, but this year I’m so into tortoise jewelry!

As far as I know Michael Kors probably launched this trend because the first jewels I saw are from his label, then other designers and brands started to use this print or material.

It’s not a recent trend, it was possible to see some pieces last year, but only now it made a click on me. I really want at least a necklace or a ring.

What about you, do you have any tortoise jewel?





  1. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I always go for tortoise sunglasses, but jewery I am torn on.

  2. great post like it

  3. Genial post!!
    Bss bonita

  4. Oh i also love tortoise sunglasses but jewelry is also really nice!
    I'm following you, I hope you'll do the same!

  5. love the rings michel kors

    beijinhos querida
    Chic Diary

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    In The Checkout Line - Fashionblog

  7. Gosto bastante, cá em casa há um colar da Lanidor fantástico, já para não falar no meu relógio Michael Kors!!

  8. Me encantan esas pulseras....
    Un beso!

  9. amooooooooooooo, adorooooooooooooooo o relógio da fotografia *.*

  10. Tudo depende das peças, mas dá um toque bem original. Gosto muito.

    R de Rita


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