Maxi dresses you can still use in winter

20 dresses you can shop online plus some inspirational looks

I remember the time when winter clothes and summer clothes were completed separated. Thankfully things changed and now with the layering trend it’s possible to use t-shirts, tops, and dresses that wouldn’t be worn before.

Long dresses are a love and hate subject to me. I can totally love the trend or feel completely out of it. Now I’m in a yes mood for maxi dresses, and I think I prefer to wear them now rather in summer… it sounds weird? Probably, but the fact is that I love wearing a maxi dress with a bomber jacket or a fur coat and some high heel boots.

Take a look at some inspirational pictures where I look for ideas and also some shopping deals I found online!







  1. Para los vestidos largos necesito tener altura. A mi me gustaron el primero de Forever21, el rosa de Asos y de print de Mango.

  2. I love maxi dresses. So versatile

  3. Não sou fã mas adoro ver aqueles mais simples a direito. Se tivesse corpo para isso, usava :p