Baker boy caps

Get alternative with a boy style!


I love hats even though I don’t wear it so much because I think some people don’t have a “face” for this accessory and I am one!

But, the famous baker boy cap, that became some popular for women too, is one of the few styles that I actually like to see myself with. This kind of cap is stylish, alternative and gives a completely turn over to any look.
I have been looking in stores and it’s not an easy find, not even online, but I do like a lot the Asos caps.

Check my shopping finds and also some lovely pictures from street style girls to Gisele Bundchen or Kate Moss!



  1. I could never pull this hat off, but I appreciate the look!

  2. Adoro e também ando à procura de um :D O primeiro da Asos é um máximo!

  3. Love them. They are so stylish,perfect detail


  4. These are absolutely adorable... But I feel like they would look ridiculous on me, lol!

    -- Alex at Cashmere Kangaroo

  5. ooo! love these hats, never gave them a second thought until now!