My favorites at Massimo Dutti

Enjoying the good quality and the cool prints of a great store!

Massimo Dutti used to be one of my favorite stores. I worked at a place that had a MD store in the same street and at lunch time I remember going there at least once a week!

Unfortunately now it’s not as easy to stop at a MD store plus the prices are not as nice as Zara, H&M or others, but once and a while I still like to pick a piece and enjoy the good quality and the cool prints they normally have.

That’s exactly what I did last weekend and I want to share with you girls what cached my eyes. Take a look!


  1. I love Massimo Dutti. They have beautiful outfits

  2. A saia plissada já foi para a minha wishlist: tão bonita e elegante.


  3. Adorei a midi skirt :)

  4. Love the necklace!

  5. Awesome picks, love them all!

    When you get a chance i would love to hear your thoughts on my latest, maybe follow each other? let me know. Xo. Lily.