Victoria´s Secret Swim 2015

Amazing swimwear in amazing bodies!

Girls, if in any case you are not confident enough with yourself don’t see the full post! I’m kidding!!

We should be the first ones to love ourselves right? But honestly looking at this collection, in these super model bodies, makes me want to go to the gym right away. Grrr!
Victoria´s Secret launched the 2015 Swim collection and its pure perfection. The bikinis, swimsuits, monokinis, tankinis and other kinis are beautiful even though some can only truly fit in really shape bodies (need to be realistic on that).
However don’t get full by the promo photos, the collection has a bunch of swim models, from sexy to more “normal” and it’s possible to find a type that would suit our needs.
Take a look!





  1. Love all. Nice post.

  2. Amazing bathing suits but com'on...for some of them you have to weight 50 kg to not look horrible in it (I would def!!!) but beautiful ones!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  3. Lindossssssssss!!!!


  4. I absolutely loveeee those swimsuits! Summer is coming up, and getting a VS swimsuit is definitely on my to-do list!! :)