Matchy Matchy

Couples matching outfits. Would you?

In the mood to laugh a little bit? So check this out!

When I was a kid I used to hate when my mum would dress me and my sister with matching clothes. We have 4 years difference so it was pretty a pain to dress alike. But today I can understand, we were cute little girls, and we were definitely my mum´s dolls hehe.
But matching couples outfits? That I really don’t understand! Who the hell would like to match boyfriend´s clothes?? No no and no! I think its sooooo bimbo and there is nothing good about it besides a good laugh when I look at some pictures.
Be serious… would you match you boyfriend´s clothes with yours?
Celebrities have a fascination with matching their clothes.

Hahaha these ones are priceless!!


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