Golden Globes 2015

Dresses: the beauties and the beasties

Everyone have their favorites and non favorites whenever there is a red carpet full of celebrities. I forced myself this time to select only the top 3 of the good and the bad.
It’s not easy because there were more dresses that I think are pretty as well as some others that could perfectly fit in the bad ones list, but it’s more fun when we have to make a strict choice right?
Here they are…

Emma Stone - Lanvin

I think its general, so far for what I’ve seen and read a lot of people agree that the look chose by Emma was a must!

She normally never disappoints but this time instead of a gown she used this gorgeous jumpsuit. Different, chic and beautiful!


Katie Holmes – Marchesa
Katie looks stunning! First of all the eggplant color is beautiful and looks amazing on her. The make-up is flawless and the sleek ponytail creates a beautiful hair done to complete the look.
I don’t understand why I don’t see this look as one of the best.

Sienna Miller – Miu Miu
I love this woman. It’s hard to find her in a bad look because she is so cool that everything looks good when is worn by her.
The Miu Miu dress is the kind of dress that could look bad in any other person, but this woman knows how to rock it and the result was perfect.
In this look I can see the sexiness with that long cleavage, the romantics’ with the embroidering and the wild side of Sienna with the messy bob.
Keira Knightley – Chanel
Here is the proof that even the big fashion houses as Chanel can be pretty bad too. Unless if the reason was to make Keira look a little bit with more fatty.

Anyway I think it’s not a red carpet dress at all. That upper and the bottom look like old panties and the matchy butterfly clutch makes everything even worse. Blahhhh

Melissa McCarthy – Made by herself
It’s not a matter of weight, it’s a matter of bad taste. She has a gorgeous face, she is funny, adorable, but whoever decided to let her use this look probably wanted revenge or something….
The huge bow is ugly, the manly look doesn’t look good on her, and when we look down and see those burgundy shoes?? Weirdddd
Lana Del Rey – Priscilla Presley
I don’t even know what to say… I think I could get a better dress in the worst Chinese store downtown.
Looks cheap, is ugly, and the color is horrible!!



  1. I just love Katie Holmes in Marchesa. the rrest are just... mehhhhhh!! Even Siennas number from Miu2.

  2. Katie Holmes esta muy elegante, en cambio Keira parece que lleva vestido de su abuela. Un beso.

  3. Lovely recap. I really like Emma's jumpsuit!

    Made in Mauve

  4. Emma stone does look amazing!! And I was soooo disappointed with what Lana Del Ray was wearing! Just horrible!! And the colour is sooo eye-piercing :/ And Kiera knightly... -_- What was she wearing, really!! GOSH!! :p

  5. I love Lana del Rey, she is my favourite artist. I can't really judge her because she's amazing but that dress, oh my god....Emma and Katie looked amazing.