Just in: SALES!

I can run but I can’t hide! Check what I got…

Even though I’m always saying I can never find really nice bargains in sales, I can never get away from getting something!

I can pretty much say I bought a couple of nice things. None had a huuuuuge discount but every euro together turns into a good saving bill right?
So let’s see what I got...
MANGO BAG: Couldn’t resist to this cute Mango cross body bag.

PRADA SUNGLASSES: It’s not a new model but it’s a model I always liked. This model got very famous because it was one of the favorites of Miranda Kerr.
I found the website Granoptic where you can find great deals and I finally bought this brown color I was looking for.

H&M SWEATERS: I almost bought the blue one before the sales. Now as you can imagine I’m happy because I saved 20euros, not bad ah? The pink sweater it’s just simple but the price was irresistible.


MANGO COATS: I’m a confessed coataholic! And this season I know I already gone a little over the limit but I end up getting these two at Mango.

WALLIS COAT: I wanted a light blue coat and I found this one at wallis website. They ship international and I also got a free code for free shipment. Yay!

MANGO SCARF: What can I say, one more for my collection…

MANGO PANTS: This is the third pair I buy of this model. I have a black pair and a burgundy but now with 20euros less I ordered online this navy pair. I’m in love with this model and fabric!




  1. Really in love with the pale jumper! Its sooo cute!

    xoxo Colli // my blog - tobeyoutiful

  2. I consider always hard work finding something on sales. But these are good ideas to check.


  3. Ótimas sugestões.

    Isabel Sá

  4. Também adoro a mala da Mango! :)


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  6. Adoro o casaco azul!