In love with… Jeremy Scott for Longchamp

ZODIAC Le Pliage for 2015

A new year equals a new Le Pliage bag with Jeremy Scott´s signature.

Crazy as can be the collaboration between Jeremy and Lonchamp already last since 2006 and each year the designer creates a new face for the famous Le Pliage bag.
2015 is the year of the ZODIAC print. It’s a Summer calling (even though we are still freezing in winter) but it’s one more splash of color, fun and creativity from the American designer that gets inspiration from the pop culture and the entertainment industry.
The bags may seem a little bit crazy, just like the author, but I LOVE the prints and the idea of having a Le Pliage with a Jeremy Scott name on it!
Check the new bag and the past collections.





  1. Nice bags :)

  2. Wow!! love the maxibags and if they are as colorful as them better!!